More and more people are immersed in the digital world. According to data from the 2019 Digital Report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, in North America Internet penetration is 95% of the population; in Europe, approximately 90%; and in Latin America, 73%. This implies that we are getting used to greater process speed, agility and flexibility, since we have everything available immediately and within our reach.

With the aim of conferring these characteristics to the world of insurance and saving on paperwork, the Swiss startup Vlot offers an online life insurance platform where the user can analyse their situation and purchase the appropriate service with a click, which also represents a boost for insurance companies.

“At Vlot we help insurers to make life insurance more appealing and understandable, and to improve their effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to distributing it, increasing access for new customers,” explains the co-founder and COO of Vlot, Daniel Schmidheiny.

One of the areas on which the startup focuses is making the user experience as easy and accessible as possible. The customer enters their data and begins an entirely digital journey, during which Vlot performs a life risk analysis and finds the ideal cover. It is very sensitive information, and Schmidheiny ensures that Vlot meets “the highest standards of security, encryption and data privacy.”

Vlot’s most distinctive weapon is flexibility: the platform allows you to adjust cover and premiums every time the person’s life changes. This is a remarkable feature, since “an adequate analysis of this type of risk requires a considerable amount of time, and it is often hard for the solutions offered to adapt to the dynamic changes in the life of the user,” says Schmidheiny. So, either due to a new job, getting married or having children, Vlot is personalized for the customer “comfortably from their computer.”

Daniel Schmidheiny and Sandro Matter, founders of Vlot.

Vlot is part of the startup adoption programme from MAPFRE’s insur_space. For its founders, Schmidheiny and Sandro Matter, “it is an honour to have been chosen and to be able to evaluate with MAPFRE different pilots that will lead us to a final project”. They are particularly appreciative of the help received to “understand the company and connect with the appropriate people and managers”.

For the moment, they have launched their platform in Switzerland, but with the support of MAPFRE it is hoped that it will roll out to other countries such as Spain, Germany and Brazil. They also hope to improve the products and services that they offer. At Vlot they reaffirmed their belief that “innovation is the will to change the status quo for the better”, with the belief that their course on this journey is the right one: “We know that our customer centric approach will win in the long run and that keeps us motivated to our fingertips!”


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