Last Monday, October 22, took place the Opening of the Acceleration Program of insur_space by MAPFRE. The seven startups chosen to participate in this program pitched their projects and attended a workshop led by Alberto Levy, “evangelist” of innovation and startup coach of the program. The startups selected for the first edition of our acceleration program are at an early stage, and have already developed a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP).

As part of our program, they will have the opportunity to accelerate their growth and speed up the development of their products thanks to training sessions offered from a variety of disciplines.

In addition to the training sessions, the startups will receive mentoring sessions from MAPFRE Directors as well as from experts from other companies and sectors. In order to be in touch with the innovation ecosystem, a series of networking sessions and activities will be organized at our co-working space, located at Rio Space Madrid. The program will end with a Demo Day, where the startups will pitch their project in front the executive committee of MAPFRE to find direct collaboration within the corporation and VC’s with the opportunity to raise funds.


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For our first Fall Batch 2018, here are the #Creators:

Insulclock: is an innovative smart device for people with diabetes who need to self-inject insulin. Thanks to an app (available on iOS and Android), the device is able to help any user to monitor its treatment. It works as a reminder for the injections, it educates the users for a proper insulinization, and, even, it is able to know if the device has been exposed to temperatures that can make insulin may lose its properties.

Cubelizer: formed by a group of engineers, Cubelizer is a platform that offers a solution to analyze consumer behaviours inside physical stores thanks to its artificial intelligence and their IoT devices. With this data, companies will be able to improve their marketing strategies, their facilities, and the overall experience based on consumer insights.

Seguro inquilino: develop a series of insurances for housing tenants that can be purchased much more easily than traditional insurance and maintains the usual coverage offered from home insurance. Seguro Inquilino is been developing by Clicksurance, a startup dedicated to create digital insurance products aimed towards a specific niche group with fast processes.

Segguroo is an App where the user can manage all insurance policies that has contracted. It allows to receive notifications when an insurance plan is about to expire and offers saving tips to subscribe new products with the expertise from insurance experts.

Inrobin is a platform that helps to improve the maintenance of industrial machinery thanks to the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis (DA). It is aimed both for companies that own this machinery, and insurers that want to have a greater connection with their customers.

Microwd connects women entrepreneurs in Latin America with investors seeking economic profitability and social impact. Its objective is to generate profitability while helping to reduce poverty in the world.

Zensei is an easy-to-use app for people suffering from respiratory diseases so that they can control their pathology. Thanks to the data collected on pollution, virus proliferation, pollen count, climate change and mood, both adults and children are able to improve their respiratory health by finding out which environmental triggers cause your shortness of breath or drowning.

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