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The insurtech race for wearables

It has been some time since wearable devices and their connected apps stopped being viewed as simply a fashion fad and a healthcare tool, and became a much bigger springboard for business. Every wearable is a way of capturing masses of hyper-personalised data that is...

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How to be a CEO – moving away from the usual stereotypes

There is a wealth of leadership literature examining the charismatic figure of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in general, and of certain prestigious CEOs in particular, all of it searching for the mysterious combination of attitudes and aptitudes that can pave the...

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Insurtech rising to the challenge of car sharing

The increasingly widespread practices of the collaborative economy, such as sharing cars in cities, require flexible insurance that allows users to get intermittent, on-demand cover, only when they want it “Why go through the hassle of buying a car when you only want...

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