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How the 5G revolution will affect the world of insurance

Wireless networks were introduced more than three decades ago, but it was not until the arrival of 3G in 2008 that the digital revolution was truly recognised. Three years later, 4G coverage began to be introduced and meant an improvement in speed compared to its...

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How to insure your startup to get off to a good start

The digital environment is their field of action, they are engaged in sectors as diverse as insurtech, fintech and e-commerce, and their bursting onto the business market has brought about a financial and technological revolution, which seeks to improve people’s lives...

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Identity theft, a threat that also affects startups

Digital threats are a reality and online identity theft is a very common technological crime to which anybody or any organisation can be exposed. For this reason, startups should be alert. We will outline several tips that can be taken into account to avoid these...

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