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Digital twins: optimising data to avoid risk

Virtual replica technology, which thus far has been used in Industry 4.0 to prevent failures and predict behaviour, opens up an unlimited potential for insurers that has not yet been unlocked. The interpretation, in terms of risk, of the big data that people generate...

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Insurtech, a market with an increasingly global presence

The emergence of insurtech technologies has made it possible to draw a new scenario in the insurance panorama, thanks to the advances in digitising and simplification that they propose. With the creation of increasingly personalised products, customers can have a...

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From startup to SME – a giant leap for entrepreneurs

In the beginning, a startup and an SME (small- and medium-sized enterprise) can appear very similar to those looking in from the outside - at the end of the day, both are based on the initiative of starting a business and making it profitable. However, there are...

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