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Digital Health in a hyperconnected world

Thursday June 27th from 19:00 to 21:30

It is said that the potential customer of digital health platforms is the same one that uses mobile applications to order food at home or rent their home through collaborative economy applications. Do you consider yourself one of them? We invite you to our next insur_break to discover first-hand the future of digital health.

One of the most attractive innovations that has brought technology to the health sector, is the ability to use remote care to avoid having to visit a medical center. Undoubtedly, telemedicine and chatbots are included in the list of ten trends for health insurance in 2019.

Pedro Diaz Yuste, CEO of Savia, and Simon Merritt, Associate Partner of Advisium Group, will talk about this in our insur_break “Digital Health in a hyperconnected world.”

Join us next Thursday, June 27, where you can exchange doubts and questions with the speakers, while you drink a beer and enjoy some delicious pizzas!

Remember that the capacity is limited, so sign up for our afterwork as soon as possible to book your ticket.

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Insur_break is a series of afterworks organized by insur_space in order to connect the entrepreneurship community with thought leaders in the technology and innovation spaces. Come, do some networking, and enjoy these awesome chats while enjoying delicious pizza and a cold beer.

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