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Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions about insur_space :

My startup is not specifically related to the insurance sector. Can I still apply?

The solutions that we’re searching for are not exclusively focused on the InsurTech sector. We are interested in working with and supporting the growth of any product or service with the potential to have an impact on the industry and our business.

How many startups and companies will participate?

As our objective is to provide the best service to participants, we will limit the size of each group in each round so that we can achieve the highest results. Around 15 startups will be accepted at each batch.

I do not live in Madrid or in Spain - can I participate?

Yes! We are looking for startups and companies from all over the world, without geographic restrictions. If you need to apply for a Spanish work visa, let us know during the application process so that we can assist you as much as possible.

Do you offer any financial support or travel assistance to Madrid?

MAPFRE may offer transport, travel and/or accommodation assistance in Madrid for the duration of the acceleration program, only to a small number of entrepreneurs, and depending on the needs and profile of each participant. Each profile will be studied individually in order for us to accommodate to the needs of each startup or company to the best of our abilities.

Do I need to sell/grant part of my business or give any equity to participate in the program?

No, at the end of the program, and if both parties are interested, a negotiation period will be opened to discuss the possibility of creating a partnership or strategic alliance with MAPFRE.

Can I submit more than one project per person/startup?

No. We are looking for startups and companies who can be fully dedicated during the process. If a company wants to participate in the program with another solution, it must be submitted separately in a future round.

In which language do I need to submit my project?

The program and the evaluation will be conducted mainly in English as well as in Spanish, so you can submit your project in either language.

I am currently working on my startup/project alone. Can I still apply?

In order to participate, the startup or company needs at least one person to be fully dedicated to the project. If your project only requires one person, then you are still eligible to apply. However, we positively value teams as they are more agile to advance during the program and implement pilot projects.

In order to apply does my startup or company need to be incorporated?

Yes. We are looking for established startups and companies who have already launched a project or who are about to launch it.

If you are an established startup and want to take your project to the next level with insur_space, we'd be happy to hear from you. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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