Working alone is no longer fashionable. Classic offices laid out in separate blocks have given way to light and open spaces, where team work and communication are encouraged. Since a few years ago, progress has also been made toward new ways of working. The proposal: coworking spaces.

This is a new model of working in a community that particularly allows self-employed workers, freelancers and startups in different sectors to share a common space, and much more than that.

Coworking spaces enhance the possibility of establishing contact with different professionals, learning from them, sharing ideas, suggesting common projects and being enriched by the experiences of peers. It is continuous networking.

It also allows so-called digital nomads to travel between different locations, always finding a space in which they can undertake their professional work and enhance business opportunities.

Coworking - insur_space by MAPFRE

Sharing this space also helps to create a sense of community among workers, who tend to stand out for their creativity and for working in the name of innovation. In these spaces there are typically workshops, talks, debates, courses and events taking place. Because of this, this option leaves behind eminently corporate colours and instead offers a more sociable and constructive alternative.

It also has many logistical advantages. Much like signing up for a gym membership, you will be able to choose the fee that suits you best and that will mark the space, and have a number of services available to you. Copy facilities, meeting rooms, Internet connection, equipped work areas, cafeteria… You just have to turn up with your computer, choose a spot to sit down in and plug yourself into coworking.

This also represents a financial advantage: it is much cheaper (workspaces can be hired from 100 or 200 euros per month), and there is no need to worry about paying the bills or operating costs. You just have to concentrate on work. This is especially relevant for entrepreneurs and startups that are just starting out and do not have a physical infrastructure nor the financial means to invest in one.

Coworking - insur_space by MAPFRE

Not going to the classic office every day can offer extra motivation: not knowing what each day will bring, being open to new experiences and contacts, feeling a curiosity to learn something new and taking a break from routine. Something that can also be especially attractive for self-employed people and freelancers, who prefer not to work at home alone every day.

According to the latest survey on the State of Coworking in Spain, drawn up by Coworking Spain, in recent years this is a practice that has settled in the country, where there are already close to 1,000 coworking spaces, mainly concentrated in Madrid and Barcelona. At the global level it grew by 50% in 2017. There is also a growing diversity of profiles that seeks to share a working environment, among which are the communication sector, design and production, and digital.

Insur_space from MAPFRE also believes in the benefits of these kind of spaces, putting the acceleration programme startups in a coworking space where the insur_break events are organised, as well as talks related to technology and innovation subjects, and which furthermore support the creation of a strong entrepreneurial community.